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March 23, 2012
Dawn Peterson
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DawnJeannette has been in love with beauty from her first memories. The gift to enhance everything she touches is an inborn talent to her. In childhood, she arranged bouquets of wild flowers for her mother, and cut and styled dolls hair. Adolescence brought new opportunities to work backstage on many stage productions. Dawn styled hair, applied makeup, and designed costumes for production after production. Even after these clues pointing toward her eventual career and the pull in her heart to pursue an education in cosmetology, Dawn still chose to attend traditional college (at least for awhile). In young adulthood, her friends and family requested her to style brides and bridal parties and arrange wedding flowers at nearly every wedding she attended! After a few years of this, she knew that the beauty industry was calling her. Finally, she could share her love and talent for beauty with new people everyday! Now Dawn is cutting, coloring, and styling her way to a Beautiful Happily Ever After...

I am here to help in any way that I can.

Where is your beauty taking you today?

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